Despite their disability, these cats enjoy life as a person

Abandoned in a Canadian park last April, probably because of their peculiarity two felines are now like charms.

Their old family did not hesitate for one moment: because they were paralyzed hind legs , they ended up abandoned in a box. cardboard in the middle of a Toronto park. Passing by, people in the big heart decided to take them urgently to a veterinarian. "It was initially assumed that they were seriously injured," the Toronto Cat Rescue, the shelter that collected them, testified on its website.

But after further investigation, it turned out that they were actually suffering from Congenital Disabling

A disability that does not stop their happiness

But being paralyzed from hind legs does not make them unhappy felines... well on the contrary ! The now baptized Mohawk and Paddywhack are indeed very autonomous cats despite their difference. Since they arrived in their host family, they frolic and live almost like any other cat, as this video shows:

Aided by their front legs, they are also able to climb like the others and move like arrows. On the other hand, grateful, they give a lot of love to those who look after them while waiting for a family to appear and adopt them forever.

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