Despite the protests, the Dog and Cat Meat Festival in China continues

While France celebrates happily the music festival, June 21 will be the darkest date of the year for our best friends. This terrible day, in Yulin, China, 10,000 dogs and 4,000 cats officially, 40,000 and 10,000 informally, will be brutally slaughtered and eaten by the population.

As every year, the summer solstice will be marked by the festival of atrocity. The principle is simple: come and choose your living animal transported without water or food in an iron cage, piled on its congeners.

Let him then go to endure his assassination, whose force of violence will give a better meat, according to say, and then grilling or frying your dog or cat Often caught in the streets on the run and treated like sacks of flour, the notion of humanity is far behind us.

Fortunately, this macabre event is now making more and more hairs. Associations are mobilizing , The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, in particular, proposes to sign a petition against the phenomenon, a Facebook group was also created to fight the plague currently containing nearly 26,000 members, Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival 2015 , and the association Animals Asia militates with the campaign "It's No Festival" for example.

For its part, the Chinese government is involved with 31 deputies who would be ready to announce the ban of the festival. However, if every year the global mobilization and in particular Chinese amplifies, the number of victims decreases but the Festival of Yulin continues... Do not give up!