Dechavanne: the stuffed dog explodes sales!

You already knew him on TV screens, you can soon have it at home! Adeck Plush, Jack Russell's Jack Russell is exploding sales. This dog faithful to the star host of TF1 since always.

According to some estimates, the soft toys would have already sold 50 000. We understand the craze of the public for this dog that accompanies Christophe Dechavanne for years on all television sets.

« I know that one day, it is he who will present my programs alone» says Christophe Dechavanne tells Télé Loisirs magazine . " The other day, I learned that three people in the audience from the provinces had left the recording when they learned that Adeck was not there.

Adeck therefore in the world of legendary dog ​​stuffed animals and gains an incredible rise in popularity