Death of Tigger, Web Star Cat Abandoned at the Age of 20

Last November, the old domestic feline celebrated his 22 e birthday with the Maryland couple (USA) who adopted it following its abandonment. Then he peacefully extinguished...

Their heart is heavy. It's devastated that Adrienne and Michael announced the sad news on March 7: Tigger is gone. The cat's story had been around the world. Abandoned at the age of 20, he ended up finding love with a couple desperate for him and whose only ambition was to add a little life and tenderness to his last days . Suffering from kidney failure and an inoperable tumor, the matou still reached the venerable age of 22 years and almost 4 months - more than 100 years in human age - and left in peace, said his masters on Facebook.

Tigger's Story- The 22 yr. Old Cat & His Bucket List

It is in the arms of his "mother" that the living room tiger has made his last breath. And in a last purr, he took with him the beautiful memories made by his people thanks to the "bucket list" (list of things to live, do or see before dying, ed) that they had a concocted.

A message of love to promote the adoption of older cats

" Tigger has changed our lives ", they testify. "A piece of us is missing now but at the same time having it with us has been a great blessing." Without any rancor vis-à-vis the Man after his cruel abandonment, the cat had always been grateful, combative and loving. A source of inspiration for his last family who now hopes that Tigger's story will allow other animal lovers to adopt - as well - old hairballs.

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