Death of a heroic dog

Gucci, the hero dog who had survived the torture, just died in Alabama. In 1994, when he was a puppy, the animal had experienced a real nightmare . Two young boys had tortured him and then severely burned . Doug James had found the dog in time: the husky and chow-chow crossed was hanging by the neck, in an appalling state. He had then adopted the poor animal who had to undergo four surgeries .

The ordeal Gucci had undergone had revolted the whole of America. The state of Alabama then decided to strengthen the law against cruelty to animals. Passed in 2000, the Pet Protection Act , criminalizing all acts of cruelty of first degree and punishable by up to 10 years in prison and 5 000 € fine. In the case of Gucci assailants, they were sentenced to 200 hours of public works .

For Doug James, the law should be even more strict: " We have need more severe laws. The way we treat animals reflects our culture and if we let people mutilate animals, this also reflects our society.

In recent months, Gucci's health has deteriorated, and the animal had to be euthanized last Wednesday to shorten its suffering.

Gucci was about to turn 16 on Monday. His master had planned to celebrate his birthday on Saturday in a local pet shop. Due to the circumstances, the event was transformed into a memorial ceremony.

Violence against animals never ends. Laws exist to punish such despicable acts, but do you find that they are quite strict?