Death of a Lost Actor

The actor Jorge Garcia , who plays the character Hurley in the series Lost , has taught his fans, on his blog, the death of his Chihuahua. That happened last Sunday.

Her little dog named Nunu was hit by a car as she crossed the street. She died in the arms of the actor

They were at that time Hawaii , with the crew of Lost. So Nunu was buried in the Pet Garden, Temple Valley , in Kaneohe.

"She could not stand the water, so I could not scatter her ashes in the ocean "," said the actor "In 3 months, there will be a bronze plaque in his name.If you want to leave a flower or a toy, Nunu will appreciate. "

Jorge Garcia in full swing of Lost, with his dog Nunu. (Source: )

Jorge Garcia seems really saddened by the death of his Chihuahua. Reading his blog, we can see many topics about the little dog Nunu, who accompanied him everywhere. A big shock for the Hurley interpreter, a few days after the end of the series Lost.