Dawn, a fox posing... for a dog!

No, we are not in a remake of Rox and Roucky . And yet, it looks like it! Like Rox, the hero of this famous cartoon, Dawn is a fox like no other...

She sleeps in a basket, wags her tail, likes to nibble, and could almost have fun reporting the ball: Dawn has all the characteristics of the ideal family bitch . But Dawn is a fox . Or more exactly, a fox.

A fox in a dog shelter

Taken for a dog while she was still a kit, Dawn was first taken to a refuge canine where she obviously puzzled the staff. Sweet and touching, this astonishing domestic vixen is not a wild animal

Dawn will remain in captivity

It was finally collected by Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctury , a wildlife refuge located in Grenada-Brittany. Unable to survive if released into the wilderness, Dawn lives alongside five other foxes who will never return to live in their