Dart interactive laser: the cat Balzac has tested it for you!

Cats and lasers... a true love story, a real pleasure to watch! Do you know Frolicat Interactive Laser Dart? A 4-legged tester has tried it for you, or rather for your cats. Balzac, 10, active and player despite his few extra pounds, has agreed to test this toy, which could become his favorite!

Discover his impressions, and those of his mistress, Anaïs:

The advantages Dart laser

- Easy to install : 2 parts to be inserted and a battery box (classic) easy to open
- Easy to understand , clear buttons, on program what we want with simple pressures indicated by leds
- 4 levels of speed , we can choose the one that is best for the cat or change to vary a little
- The timer is convenient to launch it for a specified duration, which allows the master to program it at the time of departure for example, and the laser will stop alone in the given period
- Allows the cat to play independently , enough to keep a cat happy even on days when we do not necessarily have time to play with him
- La lumi red era behaves so as to stimulate cats, with movements in long cycles, then in short cycles, it is not monotonous and awakens the hunting instinct.

The disadvantages of the laser Dart

- Rather noisy , sometimes the cat is more intrigued by the laser itself than by the light it produces
- This toy is so much fun for the cat and practical for the master Keep in mind that you should play short game sessions to avoid boring the animal and that you should not forget to play with your cat otherwise to share moments with him . Because as autonomous and effective as it is, a toy will not replace the complicity between your animal and you!

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The reactions of the cat

Balzac is rather afraid of nature with regard to the noises but was not scared by the noise of the Dart, he was quickly intrigued and tried to catch the light.
He was a little divided between the light and the laser turning in himself, not knowing where to focus, but the goal was reached, he was intrigued and entertained! He could have played a long time, I did not exceed 15min to make sure he would enjoy the next play sessions!

In short, I would totally advise this toy to any cat owner reasonable that will not make exclusive use

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