Dangerous dogs: soon to be equipped with an electronic chip

In Great Britain, the government wants to make dangerous dog masters more accountable. imposing the implementation of an electronic chip in their animal

This system aims to better find the owners of canines : the chip would contain the information on the dog ( as his race and his name) and to the master (address and telephone number). Indeed, some masters are often judged as responsible for the aggressive behavior of their dogs, and must be punished accordingly.

Alan Johnson, British Home Secretary, will also present other proposals that could remedy to the problem of dangerous dogs. The masters will be obliged to take out a civil liability insurance, in order to compensate the possible victims of the violence of their canids. Other measures are planned, such as the obligation to muzzle his dog , to keep him on a leash permanently or to have him neutered.

All his proposals will significantly reinforce the existing legislation in the country, no longer sufficient for animal welfare associations, such as Blue Cross or Kennel Club Dog attacks have increased significantly in the last decade.

Such measures now seem essential for many countries that have recorded record numbers of dog aggression in recent years, but will they prove effective? Are they the right answer to the problem of dangerous dogs?