A dachshund saves the life of his anorexic mistress

It is well known that many pets literally change the lives of their masters. If they upset their habits, they are also sometimes a real remedy. This is what happened to Sophie Helwett, who avoided death with accuracy thanks to her companion.

Saved by her love for her dog

In 2013, this English woman suffers from anorexia . At the age of 24, the stress of exams brings him to a weight that leaves him with little chance of surviving. That's when Eevee, an adorable Dachshund, makes his appearance.

The puppy under Sophie's protection forces her to take new directions. Eevee suffering from severe dehydration, it requires a conscientious diet every 20 minutes.

Obliged to feed the small animal at regular hours, she then learns to resume a rhythm to follow his little protégé . Sophie finds little by little thanks to him the strength to live.

Discover in image the touching story of the two friends...