Cured after being abandoned because of his illness, this cat now takes care of other animals

Grape is a survivor. Suffering from a severe ulcer at the eye, she was abandoned in a shelter that treated her. Quickly adopted by a veterinarian, she now comes to the aid of all her patients with hair and feather.

Here is a nice way to return the elevator, as they say! Suffering from a serious eye disease, this Sphynx cat was left behind by her former owners at the Helping Hands Pet Rescue Wildlife Refuge in Florida. Her condition did not bode well, and the vets at the clinic who looked after her would consider cutting her off, but that was not counting on the relentlessness of a volunteer student who everything put in place to treat the feline.

Thanks to her, Raisin returned to health and especially love since shortly after, she met Stephanie Landry, a veterinarian, who had for her a real love at first sight and adopted it . Since then, the animal refuses to leave her human and follows her everywhere, even when she goes to work at the Gulf Gate clinic in Sarasota.

There, Raisin discovered a second home and a true vocation. Often present at the reception but also in the examination room, she welcomes and helps the masters and patients with intensive hugs and purring .

A real star

L adorable Sphynx immediately spots the animals in need or particularly anxious and brings them comfort. "She loves being with us in the exam room and seems to be distracting patients when their claws are cut or blood drawn," says Stephanie Landry Love Meow . She also likes to watch radios when they are put on the screen.

Became the clinic's mascot, Grape Nurse now has his own Facebook page and his Instagram account where she shares her adventures and her Meetings with new friends

All animals love Grapes

Grapes nurse takes care of patients

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