Contest: Your cat loves Pro Plan products? Make him a celebrity!

Convinced of the strong link between good nutrition, good health and good quality of life of domestic cats, the Pro Plan brand seeks to collect the testimonials of its consumers. The most touching will be filmed and broadcast.

For several decades now, Pro Plan has been committed to providing quality food to pet felines . With its appetizing products and its different ranges adapted to the needs of each animal (this one can be kitten, sterilized, old, suffering from kidney problem...), the brand puts on a healthy food able to guarantee a good quality of life to the animals. animals. Veterinarians and nutritionists collaborate with the brand in this direction.

To show how better nutrition can be the key to a better life for our cats, the brand aims to gather the testimonials of its customers.

Make your cat a little celebrity!

Do you feed your cat with Pro Plan products and want to share your experience? Post your story on the Pro Plan dedicated web page! You can even add a photo. In addition, your testimonial will be called to be shared on Pro Plan's social networks.

And that's not all: the most beautiful story will be filmed and broadcast to the general public. The selected candidate will win a photo book of the shooting as well as a poster of the prettiest image of the shooting!

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