Contest: have you won a copy of Cooking for my cat?

Many of you have participated in our contest organized the occasion of the two new Diana P. Gemelli cookbooks, which every Wednesday delivers a recipe for cat or dog on AllCreatureAnimalClinic

In a few days, signed copies of I cook for my dog ​​ will be up for grabs. But for now, now is the time to unveil the names of the lucky winners of the book that gives water to the lips I cook for my cat .

To have a chance to see his name drawn, here are the answers to be given:

1. How much water does the cat need in the wild?
> 50 ml per kilogram body and per day

2. On the website of the Tutti Frutti editions what are the two recipes presented?
> Carpaccio of tuna and tofu burger

3. In which foods do we find taurine, an essential amino acid for cats?
> In red meat and raw egg yolk

And the winners are...


Congratulations to you and thank you all for your participation!

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