Considered a junk, this dog was tied to a garbage can and rotted on the spot

At only 2 years old, Charlie had the worst of man... but also the best.

Charlie was found in the street, attached to rubbish bins , by a couple who passed by there by chance. If poor poor Pitbull had not caught their attention, he would be dead. And one way or another, Charlie had to be aware that these people were there to save him: despite his pain, he let them carry him to a veterinary clinic without showing any sign of

Veterinarians had never seen anything like it. Charlie had been beaten, and his face kept its traces. But the worst came from his jaw: it was infested with worms ! The poor animal suffered martyrdom and could not even feed himself. He was hungry and powerless. To give him a chance to survive, the vets had to operate several times, one surgery per week.

A new life for Charlie

After three months of intensive care, Charlie, who was slowly getting back to life, got to know Natalie Barber, who works for a local aid organization for old animals. She became her foster family . Since coming to this new house, Charlie is coming back! He gets on well with the other dog in the family, as well as with the kids.

Thanks to Charlie's microchip, the association will try to go back to his owner to know the circumstances of his atrocious abandonment. At the end of this investigation, Charlie will be proposed for adoption.

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