Conflicts between male and female dogs

Among the factors likely to influence the modalities of conflict between dogs, it is necessary to count not only the race, the neotenic degree or the character of each subject but also the number of individuals involved, their gender and age. We have so far focused on the relationship between two adult males, as they are in fact the ones who are most often at the origin of a fight. It is nevertheless necessary to analyze in detail the other possible cases as well.

Conflict between male and female

Let us say at once that a male and a female should theoretically never come to the bloody confrontation, but that it happens sometimes. It is true that the male (unless it has been demolished by the influence of man, as we shall see later) never attacks a female to wound or kill her: he can throw himself on her if for example, she is waiting for her ball or bowl, but it will be a simple demonstrative scene, without any murderous intent.

Conversely, a female can attack a male with more than one " malice "and end up hurting him. This occurs especially when the bitches are not in heat and undergo the incessant assaults of the "sexual maniac" of service, but also for impromptu reasons (like that described previously, at the origin of a fight between Mrs Berger German and Mr Rottweiler: The outcome of the fight - a piece of torn ear - was certainly not premeditated, but the masters still had an attack.

In general, however, internal relations to sex couples different are idyllic and you can almost safely let go of the dogs and allow them to play together. Intervene only if you notice that the male has only one idea in mind and that the female begins to have enough.

Conflict between female and female

We have already talked about the relationship between two females about the reasons for conflict: they have a lot less than males, and that's why they quarrel quite rarely... but when that happens, they become real fury (to stop as soon as possible). In principle, it is easier to mend a broken friendship between two females than between two males.