Colonel Meow, Sausage, Loukanikos: they passed away in 2014

If the year 2014 was marked by beautiful and cheerful stories, it was unfortunately also the disappearance of dogs and cats become real stars in the 4 corners of the world

Colonel Meow, the cat with the longest coat of the world, Frank and Louie, the cat has two heads, Sausage, a dog that became famous in the municipal elections of Marseille, or Zeus, the largest dog in the world: pay tribute in pictures to these animals that have passed away in 2014.

RIP les loulous, these animals stars but also anonymous, and all our thoughts to their humans whom they miss terribly.

Colonel M eow

Colonel Meow, the longest-haired cat record holder in the world, died on January 29th. The beautiful cat was only two years old. But last November, his health began to decline. The beautiful Himalayan Persian had indeed been hospitalized for several days, and his fans had raised more than 20,000 dollars to help his human to pay the operation and the blood transfusion he had suffered.

Zeus , the largest dog in the world

The superb Zeus was only 5 years old. Officially becoming the largest dog in the world in 2012, this Great Dane measured 1m12 at the withers and reached 2 meters when he was standing on his hind legs.

Upset, his master Kevin Doortag confides how his dog out of the ordinary He will be missed, he who loved so much when Zeus came to sit on his knees. The joy that he spread around him will also be missed terribly . Because the Great Dane was not only famous for the record he held. Zeus was also a therapy dog ​​who regularly visited schools and hospitals in his area

Frank and Louie, the two-headed cat

Frank and Louie, a famous two-headed cat nicknamed Janus in reference to the two-faced Roman deity, died on December 4 last. This cat was indeed born with two faces. He had two mouths, two noses, three eyes, but on the other hand he had only a single brain .

He had reached the age of 15, exceptional for an animal such as him . This longevity had also earned him an appearance in the record book .

As confessed his human Telegram , Martha Stevens, Frankie and Louie fell ill around Thanksgiving. He was rushed to the veterinary school where he had been adopted and was euthanized the next day. The animal was suffering from a cancer that clearly could not be operated.

Sausage, the famous dog pooch and tribune

The dog Sausage, adorable dachshund cross become a real celebrity, is died at the end from November to the age of 16

Remember, this dog had become a canine star when he was presented in the municipal elections of his city in 2001 With his slogan of shock "For a sauciété more human, against a life of dog!", He had then obtained 4% of the votes. The little dog had also made a noticeable passage in the third season of the reality show Secret Story in 2009. The animal had won 10,000 euros thanks to this brief passage on TF1.

Columnist for Metro then for Direct Morning , Sausage has signed several books all translated by his master. His latest chronicles, Sausage opens his mouth , have also recently been published in digital version.

Loukanikos, famous stray dog ​​and hero of the manifestations of Athens

This four-legged protesters had a lot of fun in the media around the world. He became so famous that 2011 Time Magazine ranked him in the top 100 personalities of the year.
"His bowels were drowned by police gases"

Loukanikos's celebrity is as an article is devoted to him on Wikipedia and the Facebook page that was created in his honor brings together nearly 46,000 people. For the daily Avgi , there is no doubt that the health of the dog was destroyed by tear gas, molotov cocktails and the beatings he received during the riots, he who had missed none of the events organized to protest against the austerity policy introduced by the troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund). And every time, it was with the angry people that he marched, barking and grumbling against the riot police .