Collecting Stoppers to Offer Service Dogs

Always looking for donations to continue his work and offer more and more service dogs, whose purchase and training are particularly expensive , the Handi'Chiens organization can count on the support of another association: the Bouchons d'Amour .

You have certainly heard about this foundation created here already 11 years old by the comedian Jean-Marie Bigard

This one gets the plastic caps , which it sorts in order to sell them to the recycling company Eryplast, located in Belgium.

A ton of collected cork is bought 210 euros, and this money is harvested for people with disabilities , in order to offer them better living conditions

50.000 euros each year for Handi ' Dogs

Each year, since 2009, 50,000 euros are donated to Handi'Chiens.

The association then calls for mobilis to collect as many plastic plugs as possible so that service dogs can be offered to those who need it

Unparalleled Companions and Supports

Pick up and return an object, open and close a door, a drawer, accompany his master to the shops, bark to order, pick up and bring back...: Handi'Chiens dogs learn to answer some 50 orders that greatly contribute to making life easier for people with disabilities.

Service dogs help people with reduced mobility to do simple things they can not do without their faithful 4-legged companions.

Which corks are collected?

Note that all corks can not be recovered. Only the following are collected:

- Food caps

- Household corks

- Stoppers for cosmetics or hygiene products

Stoppers of chemicals, safety products or medicines are not accepted.

Whether students, employees, shopkeepers, individuals, community representatives: t the world can participate in this collection in one way or another

find out more, visit the websites of Love Caps and Handi'Chiens .