Dog light collars to be won with Toutoulight

A dog collar can be even more useful than you think. The French brand of Toutoulight necklaces has developed a luminous collar to ensure your dog's safety

after dark. If you wish earn a Toutoulight collar for your dog

, take part in our quiz Toutoulight is a dog collar that combines elegance, design and safety . Its main asset is that it is bright and makes your dog visible during night walks. Lighting your dog's Toutoulight collar is the best way to avoid an accident

or the loss of your pet in the middle of the night.

A latest-generation dog collar This light necklace, available in 4 sizes , is both solid and has an autonomy of more than 100,000 hours

thanks to the use of latest-generation LEDs. Shockproof and water resistant, the Toutoulight necklace is also a very elegant and comfortable daytime collar for your pet Exclusively marketed by veterinarians

and in pharmacies, it enjoys the guarantee professionals from the animal world To be among those who will win the last model of Toutoulight , take part in our quiz 15 people will be drawn

from among those who will have answered all 3 questions correctly.

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