Coccidiosis in dogs

coccidiosis is a protozoan infestation common in dogs. It often results in diarrhea, it is fatal in young dogs. The breeding ground of this parasitosis: overcrowded places (shops, kennels, pensions) and those where lack of hygiene and stress are the rule. It is in the puppies that she wreaks havoc. Adults become healthy carriers after acquiring immunity following infection


Clinical signs depend on the protozoan species, the extent of the infestation and the lesions caused: diarrhea laden with mucus or blood, anemia, dehydration, sometimes vomiting and pain on palpation of the abdomen. Sometimes the small intestine is completely affected, especially the terminal part of the ileum (final segment of the small intestine). Only a careful examination of the organism will enable a diagnosis to be made. The contagion is especially direct. It occurs as a result of ingestion of oocysts. It is in the intestine that the coccidia leaves the oocyst; it then enters the cell and destroys it


Specific therapy combines sulfa drugs (sulfadiazine, sulfatmethopiridazine orally) with rehydration solutions


Apply the rules of hygiene and Routine feeding, sanitize premises, remove stools.

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