Cloned Dog: Dog of Tomorrow

The first clones of a Canadian sniffer dog took service in the South Korean police. The six puppies were cloned from a golden retriever, a police dog among the best in its class. Practical question, they all answer in the name of "Toppy", a mixture between "tomorrow" and "puppy" (the dogs of tomorrow). No risk therefore, to be wrong at this level.

But what is really the cloning of dogs?
Sniffer dogs are rare today. Only 30% of trained dogs are then able to take office. Cloned dogs have a success rate of 90%. They would have a natural ability to detect drugs.

But is this the only reason why men clone dogs?
When we know that in the United States, a couple ordered a clone of their dog, who died of cancer at BioArts . They benefited from the first clone dog commercial delivery for a whopping $ 155,000.

So, is cloning really used for dog performance or is it just a way to serve the dog? nostalgia and the madness of men? Will cloned dogs really be tomorrow's dogs?

Have a cloned puppy, what would you say?