CleverPet, a gaming console to fool the boredom of dogs

CleverPet is the name of a start-up. up decided to develop the intelligence of our dear and tender doggies. To do this, and to help dogs avoid boredom when their masters are away, Dan Knudsen and Leo Trottier, the founders of this small business, then developed a kind of dog game console, which they describe as " e the world's first interactive animal learning and entertainment device based on the science of animal behavior "

The intelligence of dogs rewarded

Dan Knudsen is a doctor in neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego. He studied for years the perception and auditory learning. Leo Trottier is studying cognitive science at the same university. After publishing a study on visual processing, he came up with the idea of ​​developing a video game to help students learn anatomy.

The alliance of two scientists gave birth to CleverPet, an interactive device that challenges animals to solve puzzles using buttons and LED lights. By pressing on it at the right time, dogs are rewarded by receiving a treat.

Reducing boredom, anxiety, destruction and self harm

"The animal can interact with the game The coolest thing is that interactions can become more complex as it gets better, "say the creators of CleverPet.

The device is connected to the Internet by WiFi, and a mobile application was developed so that the masters could follow the activity of their animal, to know how many delicacies it obtained, or to adjust the level of difficulty of the game. "This device will reduce the boredom, the anxiety, destruction and self-injury "says Leo Trottier

Canine educator who worked on the project, Graham Bloem is also convinced of the benefits of this canine game console. "Interacting with CleverPet exhausts your dog mentally and physically.You come home and find a pet happy and healthy " he says.

For now, the CleverPet is still only a prototype. Its creators launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform in order to launch its production. The first models should be ready by next spring, and they will be available to those who have financially supported the project. The interactive game should then be sold about 200 dollars, or 150 euros.