Christmas 2017: 5 beautiful gift ideas to please her cat

In a few days, it will be time for festivities. Why not take advantage of this great opportunity to spoil your cat by making him a little gift too. And no need to ruin, since we have found ideas for cheap gifts and absolutely adorable!

In less than a month, it will be Christmas. The perfect opportunity to offer great attention to people we love, but also to our little companions who are always present at our side . But what can we offer to a cat who already has everything he needs?

To change some of the classic ideas, we invite you to discover in this very festive selection five beautiful gift ideas that should please your favorite cat. Toy, candy, or scraper, there is something for everyone and for all budgets!

An Advent Calendar

Well, of course offering an Advent calendar for Christmas is not not necessarily obvious since the principle of the calendar is totally different. But the idea is so nice that we absolutely wanted to put this calendar (which also exists in dog version) in our selection. Let's say that your cat will probably not want you to turn his Advent calendar into a calendar for the next!

> 12 euros, available here

A very geeky scratcher

C ' is well known, cats love to lie on our laptops. So why not give kitty his own computer? Of course, this model is cardboard and has a particularly interesting purpose as it serves as a scraper. The icing on the cake, it will be the most beautiful effect at home, which is not always the case of classic scratchers. In addition, it will also prevent your cat from making his claws on the sofa

> 29,90 € in the boutique hotel Cat Aristide .

An anti-greedy bowl

Cats are often little wolverines in power. To remedy this problem, this beautiful bowl will make an ideal gift. Not only will it teach your cat to eat more slowly (which avoids some discomfort such as vomiting), but in addition this bowl will make the meal time more fun. As a small bonus, this bowl is also slip-resistant, which - we will not hide it - is very convenient.

> 18,90 € in the Shop Inooko .

ice cream scent cat food

It's no secret, cats LOVE everything that is based on catnip. To bet on it is thus a value more than sure. These adorable little ice cream with a deliciously greedy look are the gift that will fly every time. In addition to being small toys pleasant to handle and drag throughout the house, they are particularly enticing. This is as good for ice creams

> 8,95 € each in the shop of the cat hotel Aristide .

A Christmas ball 100% cat

We end this selection with another really nice concept: that of the Christmas ball that contains small surprises. Here, there are treats and a small toy in the shape of a mouse with ears and tail in silvery glittery fabric. In short, enough to occupy your cat for a while since he can continue his mouse while taking breaks to nibble his treats. Incidentally, the ball can obviously be hung on the tree.

> 5,75 € available here

And if none of these ideas make you want, you can always opt for a AllCreatureAnimalClinic Box since a Christmas edition is available right now .