Choosing a male or female cat?

When you decide to adopt a cat, the big one The question that arises is whether a male or a female kitten is preferable. Because both have very specific specificities.

Those who want to acquire a cat must decide to choose between a male or a female. Male urine jets, fugues, and "love songs" are often underestimated and minimized in relation to the risk of unwanted litters and disturbance caused by the lascivious meowing of females in heat.

The best choice is to decide which is best for your situation. If the animal can live in freedom, entering and leaving the house when it wants, we will be careful to avoid, during hot periods, unwanted pregnancies for females or dangerous fugues (including for several days ) for males. If, on the other hand, the cat has to live at home without being able to go out, we will have to face different problems.

The female (who has no menstruation) becomes more affectionate during her heats and wants to cuddling, but she continually emits piercing and plaintive mewing alternating with heart-rending screams. It lasts five to six days every fifteen or thirty days (from January to September, but there is no absolute rule).

male, when sexual maturity is reached, can mark its territory by throwing urine at every corner of the house. The smell is pungent, lasting, really unbearable, because of the pheromones that the urine contains.

The question of the sterilization of the cat

In the case of the female, one can resort to contraceptive products or sterilization . The idea that the cat should give birth at least once for health reasons is unfounded, while it is imperative that the mating be desired and programmed, so that the young can find a family and do not run the risk of increasing the battalions of unfortunate stray cats.

The sterilization naturally applies also to the male who can be castrated. It is not a cruel act, nor an infirmity of which the cat will suffer; on the contrary, for a cat that has access to the outside, it is almost the only way to save his life , because it is only in this way that he will give up taking countless risks (cars and other incidents) to follow in the footsteps of a pretty cat and that he will stop marking his territory by throwing urine on furniture or trying to run away in search of adventure.

It must be remembered, however, that the troubles a cat can cause are unpredictable, because each individual differs from another. There are, in fact, adult males who never delimit their territory, just as some females are quiet and silent even during the "strus" (heat). Male and female are in any case as affectionate as each other; the male may be more beautiful and more effective, the female being more elegant and graceful, but both will be able to give as much affection to their master.

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