Choosing a male or female dog

Once the race is chosen, we must decide between a male dog or female depending on the advantages and disadvantages that the dog's sex contains.

female is more affectionate and docile, she does not normally have a dominant tendency and does not run away for mate or wander. It will be an imperative choice for those who want to undertake a breeding career.

On the other hand, it has disadvantages related to its sexual cycle: blood loss during heat, the "yard" of male dogs when the walk, it can obviously expect young, it is prone to nervous pregnancies and may suffer from uterine and breast diseases.

male has a greater tendency to fugue and dominance, it is excellent for keeping guard, a little less for keeping company.

If you still hesitate

It is advisable for undecided to buy a female , to sterilize and to limit to one dog . Having two or more coexist in the same environment could create cohabitation problems , especially when the female's heat is approaching and once the male has reached sexual maturity. Managing a group requires a lot of experience and time, especially if the animals are all of the same sex, in order to control their inevitable struggles for territory and dominance.

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