Choosing the kitten

In order to choose your kitten , it is useful and interesting to see in person the place where breeding cats and kittens are housed, to make sure that the child has been well cared for and especially that it is healthy. It must be examined carefully , making sure that his eyes are open, with no signs of inflammation or lachrymal secretions, the third eyelid should never be prominent.

Respiration should be regular, the nose moist, clean and without mucus; even coughing and sneezing can be symptoms of ongoing illness. The ears must be clean, without traces of earwax and odorless; the mouth is pink, the gums are not inflamed and the teeth are very white and visible.

Behavior of the kitten

In addition, the dress, which must always be shiny, supple and soft, must not "shelter" parasites or present hairless areas. The abdomen should not be inflated and the kitten and perineal area of ​​the kitten should be carefully examined to ensure that there are no signs of diarrhea.

The kitten must be a player and curious , he must move and leap freely; if it seems shy and lazy, it may indicate an illness. It is better, however, that it is older than two months , so that it is weaned, dewormed and properly vaccinated against typhus, coryza, leucosis (a reminder will be needed 20 days after vaccine).

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