Choosing a chat name

Choose a name for his cat or kitten is not toujo urs easy. It is necessary that this name is original, but also that it pleases everyone and especially is easily recognizable by your cat!

Choosing a chat name is not as simple as it seems, especially if you want an original name. Regarding dog names , it's quite simple: each year corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. If cats are not concerned by this system, there are many names of friendly and original cats, here are some ideas...

Name of the kitten: some criteria to know

The name of your cat must be short and easily remembered for the animal, the ideal being to choose a name 2 syllables with an audible sound. If you have no idea, you can go to the diminutives of known names, personalities.

Also know that the cat is more sensitive to high notes and will have more options for answering the call of an "i" name, for example

Choosing the name of the cat

There are many tips for giving your an original name to your cat . The first (and the most logical) but that we do not necessarily think from the outset: observe his cat. You can from his behavior, his reactions, his habits give him a name that suits him perfectly!... If he is a brawler, you can for example call him "Baston" or "Cocard" ". If it is rather calm and thoughtful, why not think of "Sleepy" or even "Buddha", why not? All variants are imaginable

from this diagram. Another technique consists in considering the physical aspect of your animal. If it is red, you have the classics "Rouky" or "Carrot", "Clementine", if you want a name of original cat, it will be necessary to dig deeper your brains... If it is black or gray, many choices are available to you again: "Night", "Kawa", "Charcoal"... The only limit, is your imagination

! You also have the option "culture". Look in your library, remember your history classes or simply the name of a personality you admire

. The name of a writer, a great man, a singer or actor can do the trick. Finally, be aware that there are a host of websites with lists of names of cats

. This is the ideal solution if you are out of inspiration, and it is possible to find real pearls.

On AllCreatureAnimalClinic, a list of the names of the most given cats is available here.

Some examples of cat names in G:
Classics Male / mixed
Female / mixed Grosminet
Gaia Galipette
Grisou wafer
Giny Capsule
Cherry Gratouille
Foolshead Galinette
Wolverine Globule
Grignotte Grenadine
Griffon Galipette
Globule Gibus
Galopin For the Geeks
The funny names Geek
Gaspacho Goldorak
gaffeur Gandalf
Gloups Giga
Groovy Gollum
Ganja Gizmo
Gringo Google
Chubby Gadget
Gonzo Gorillaz
Gigolo Gimp
Guignol "The special girls"
The names of known characters Girly
Garfield Glitter
Gandhi Geisha
Geronimo Grace
Gulliver Glamor
Gargamel Gucci
Gainsbar Glory
Garbo Gilda
Grishka Gamine
Newsboy Goldy
Geppetto For the literary
For the greedy Goethe
Greedy Gogol
Gouda Gary
Gelatin Gide
Wolverine Giono
Clove Gavalda
Marshmallow Gallo
Garb Gautier
Guacamol Genet
Ganache Goncourt

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