Children read to abandoned dogs and cats

If the number of abandonments unfortunately continues to increase, especially in summer, initiatives to help these poor animals locked in cages saturated refuges are also growing in number.

Among them, a very original program, aimed at combating the boredom and sadness of dogs and cats in the shelter Bitter Root Humane Association , located in Hamilton, Ohio in the USA

A reading that soothes animals

It's been three years since children came to visit every week abandoned animals

They do not just pet and play with them. No, children are reading to dogs and cats. An activity that can make you smile. Yet it is very beneficial because it has a real power of appeasement on animals.

" We have found that the sound of children's voices is soothing for dogs and cats. It is relaxing for the dogs to hear these calm and steady voices " says the director of this program to the local newspaper Ravalli Republic .

A shared pleasure

And this initiative, launched by the Keystone College, is also very positive for the young people who participate in it. Reading for the animals gives them a taste for reading, and allows them to improve in this area.

" Children get pleasure and dogs really love it. Yesterday, they had just finished eating when the children arrived, they digested their meal to the stories told to them in pleasant, calm and reassuring voices , "says Eve Burnsides, the shelter director.

Also, the college students who chose this extra-curricular activity, among all the others proposed by their school, is sensitized to the animal cause , to the fate of these dogs, cats, and other pets every day abandoned.