Charlie, the Great Dane who watches over a little epileptic girl

Charlie the Great Dane is not only a nice companion on all fours. No, this dog from County Clare, Ireland, is a true guardian angel . He watches and protects his little mistress, Brianna Lynch, a 3-year-old child with epilepsy

Charlie, dog and guardian angel

" Forgets to breathe, and has seizures. 8 different types of drugs, and it seems that she now needs to undergo brain surgery ", says her mom, Arabella. This one must with her husband and her 3 other children, aged 17, 15 and 11 years, to supervise the little girl 24h / 24h, something which is obviously not easy. Especially since seizures often happen at night.

But Charlie joined the family, and it was a huge relief for the whole family, even though no one at first understood his strange behavior.
The two-year-old dog is able to detect Brianna's seizures, about 20 minutes before symptoms begin to appear. He then holds the girl against a wall, to prevent her from getting hurt, and does not let her go until her parents come to give her a medicine , reports the website clarechampion. ie .

An incredible 6th sense

" Charlie is so sensitive to his needs... (...) We know that when he acts in a strange way, it means that he is going to have a crisis "explains Arabella at the Irish Times

Charlie the Great Dane (or Great Dane), was not trained to play this role of guardian angel. He has entrusted himself with the mission of protecting his little mistress, thanks to her incredible 6th sense. The family has several other dogs, who seem to understand that the little one is different. But Charlie is the only one to react .

Dr. Claire Guest, director of Medical Dectection Dogs , explains at uk It is now known that dogs are able to detect the odor changes of people suffering from cancer and diabetes
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But It is unclear how man's 4-legged best friend can predict epileptic seizures. It could also be a special smell, but also visual cues perceived by some particularly attentive and protective dogs .