Charlie, the dog that owes life to a vodka cure

This is a most unusual story! Alcohol is naturally outlawed by our animal friends, and the incredible adventure of the dog Charlie should not encourage dog owners to drink their balls of hair. But now, this little Australian dog, a Maltese Bichon living in Melbourne, owes his life to... a cure of vodka!
The little dog ingested coolant while he was playing in the garage of his masters. And he almost died of it ... Panic, his mistress took him to the vet urgently. Poisoned with ethylene glycol, he was at risk of kidney failure that could have killed him.

"He was really drunk"

The doctor then offered a most astonishing treatment. As reported by 7 News , an Australian television channel, 70 cl of vodka (the equivalent of a bottle) was administered to Charlie in two days and thanks to a drip

" He was really drunk, staggered, and when I wanted to stroke him, he pushed me away like a drunk person, he vomited a bit, and he whimpered like a drunkard " his mistress, Jacinta Roseware
Back home, Charlie slept, slept and slept again. His owners tried to give him a little stroll, but the poor boy was too weak to walk. A week later, Charlie is much better. And he is not ready to play again in the garage without supervision!