Animal Status Change: Senate Declines

A step back was made Thursday, January 22 in the process of changing the status of animals. The provision conferring on them the status of living beings endowed with sensibility has indeed been removed by the Upper House.

It is now up to the Assembly to confirm whether or not this deletion .

"Why have we legislated quickly on such a topic, especially as the drafting retained, far from perfect, raises real questions ?" said socialist rapporteur Thani Mohamed Soilihi. "Its promoters believe that it is necessary to ensure a symbolic recognition of the specificity of animals in the civil code by claiming that they are sentient beings," he added, adding that "the law has not not to say what is true or false, it must say what is right or wrong, authorized or forbidden."

Appointment on 28 January

This amendment should harmonize the Civil Code and the Rural and who already recognize animals as sentient beings. But it will not inscribe the animals in a new category added to those men and goods , as claimed by advocates of the animal cause.

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It is on January 28 that the Assembly must decide and finally adopt, or not, this reform supported by nearly 90% of the French .