Chained, this bitch did the unthinkable to save her

Bella lived in very difficult living conditions, but she always did everything for her cubs.

Bella, a female Husky cross, was one of 46 animals rescued from a property in Texas in the month of last June. animals were not properly cared for , often lived tied up (or even locked up) and did not have access to adequate food. In short, very complicated living conditions. The SPA then decided to act, but unfortunately it was already too late for some animals...

"They suffered from various health problems, including hair loss, too long nails, problems in the eyes and were infested with fleas . Most dogs were positive for heartworms and had to be treated.

Of course, most animals also suffered from great psychological fragility and had difficulty in trusting. Suspicious, they could even be aggressive.

Bella, a mother dog with a gold heart

Among all these animals, there is a dog that has particularly attracted the attention of the members of the SPA: c is Bella. Attached to the sun without any protection other than the little shade that the tree above her could offer her, Bella had difficulty in getting enough to drink .

But despite these In particular, Bella did her best to protect her six puppies and keep them healthy. That's how she took the time to dig a hole so that she could stay in a cooler place while staying close to her . When the SPA members intervened, the puppies only had one or two days. So they really needed to be protected.

"It is likely that her strong maternal instinct and dedication to looking after her puppies, despite the difficult situation she was in, are what kept them alive.

A new life for Bella and her little ones

Following the intervention of the local SPA, all the animals had the chance to receive care and a lot of love. Now safe, they learn to trust again . For her part, Bella was placed in a foster home with her six puppies. When they were old enough to be adopted, the ten puppies found a family. Bella too was lucky to find her new family for life where she is particularly happy and dear.

A story that ends so very well for this bitch at the big heart who has everything done to protect his little ones.

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