CES 2017: the best French connected objects for your pet!

This week, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is being held in Las Vegas. ), the world's fair of high-tech. The opportunity to highlight 3 French start-ups who promote the French PetTech and participate in the event. And yes, pets are now archi connected!


cat kibble dispenser Your cat is a wolverine who tends to eat more than enough to put his health at risk? Know that it is not the only one: 40% of cats suffer from obesity in France according to the founders of Catspad. The Catspad? A connected and design lunch box that allows you to distribute small amounts of kibble and fresh water to your cat through a mobile application in which you just have to enter the weight, age and identification number of the animal. The latter then has the mission to calculate for itself what are its needs and provide it with its rations when it detects its chip.

Developed by a start-up Toulouse, Catspad was designed by enthusiasts of the feline kind. Thanks to their innovative distributor, they hear against bulimia and kidney diseases of cats. But do not expect to get it right now: the company has just started its crowdfunding campaign to launch the production and sale of its hi-tech bowl awarded by CES 2017. However, you can now and already preorder it from 199 € instead of 299 € . The marketing of Catspad is currently scheduled for June 2017.

The Connected Dog Collar Jagger & Lewis

Your dog, more than an animal, is your child. You stick to it like the apple of your eyes and need to know it in good health. And if his necklace could inform you in real time of his needs? With the sensor to place on the neck of your animal imagined by the start-up Jagger & Lewis , it will soon be possible. Connected by Bluetooth to a mobile application that has been duly downloaded to your smartphone, its mission is to show you where your dog is, but also how hydrated it is, if a sudden change in behavior has occurred and good other useful information ...

Teaser Smart Dog Collar

However, again, you will have to wait a bit to get it. The Lille start-up behind the promising Jagger & Lewis box will start its crowdfunding campaign only from 23 January and from here you can pre-order a around 200 € according to the information on the website 01net .

The Wistiki tracker to avoid losing your pet

Your cat (or your dog or rabbit after all) has like your keys, your wallet and all your belongings in general, the bad habit of hiding so well that you find it hard to find it? With its clever medal tracker, Wistiki allows you to remedy this little problem... very quickly and without stress! Just hang it where you want. Linked in Bluetooth to a mobile application, the latter then has the task of giving you the GPS coordinates of your lost companion the last time the signal of his tracked medallion was recorded. You can also activate the mode "electronic leash" to be alerted as soon as your hairy away from you.

Do you want to buy one of these devices? See you soon on the Wistiki website! The medallion is available for 49.90 € !

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