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Grumpy Cat Misadventure Inspires Cartoon

Grumpy Cat's tirelessly grumpy boil never ceases to inspire. After the calendars, goodies, advertising campaigns, TV shows and other films, the most famous cat of the web has this time been able to rest. Because she became the heroine of a comic book. The firm Dynamite Entertainment has assembled a team around this project and has already unveiled the first cover ideas of the "Misadventures of Grumpy Cat"

Four authors and five artists got to work, all happy but also

AllCreatureAnimalClinic Box: every month, 6 quality gifts for your pet!

Always eager to satisfy the desires of pets and their owners, the team launches the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Box, a real pleasure for our four-legged friends

AllCreatureAnimalClinic puts happiness in a box! Each month, receive a surprise gift box containing 6 quality products (toys, treats, accessories or hygiene products) accompanied by a booklet giving advice and news.

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Ceremony of the Medor: the animal cause finally celebrated!

The 1st edition of the Medor ceremony took place on Monday, June 6th Jean Dame, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Co-organized by La Gazette animale, aljterJT and the collective Désobéir, it has rewarded, for a festive and animated evening, the actors of the animal cause in what it has more varied. AllCreatureAnimalClinic was a partner of the event and attended.

Between March and the end of May 2016, the public was invited to vote online to vote for the act

Spaghettio, the "cat-pirate" who crunches life to the fullest tooth

Although life has played a trick on him, Spaghettio, a beautiful Persian , continues to bite into life. Became "cat-pirate" following an accident, she gave - in spite of herself - the most beautiful lessons of life to her mistress...

Before becoming the most adorable "cat-pirate" of the Web, Spaghettio was a pretty little kitten like all the others. Unfortunately, her curiosity got the better of her. Intrepid, the ball of hair indeed did not see the danger

Win LitterLocker + bins for your cat litter!

AllCreatureAnimalClinic proposes to you to win a litter bin LitterLocker +. Thanks to this one, the cleaning of the litter of your cat will no longer be an ordeal.

If the cleaning of the litter is inconvenient for you, know that there are very practical and hygienic trash which allow you to limit these bad smells: LittlerLocker + bins with a system of hermetic multi-thickness plastic bags and a handle closure

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Schouff le chat case: how justice refuses to set an example to children

The affair of Schouff the martyred cat has marked the spirits. But not Justice...

This summer, the case of the poor cat victim of serious abuse in Thunder, in the Yonne, had made headlines. Schouff, 18, was abused by children according to a witness, "just for laughter": he was thrown into the water and beaten. After long hours of agony, he had to be euthanized by the veterinarian, leaving his masters collapsed. Schouff had become an emblem of the animal cause ,

Justice for Mustache, kitten victim of human cruelty

Mustache is a tiny kitten who, from the height of only three or four weeks, has already experienced the worst...

Thursday, September 7, a little kitten less than a month was found dying, around 21h, under a car parked at an ESSO service station in Marly-le-Roi (Yvelines). The feline was in a poor state, a wounded, a burned ear and a cracked skull. It was his screams of distress that led to his discovery.

Thanks to a call to the help launched on a Facebo

Live in the skin of a cat! (Video of the day)

Have you ever dreamed of living your pet's life , if only for a day? See life through his eyes, constantly live new adventures in the reassuring setting of the family home?

This is what you propose to do this video where the "cameramen" are none other than... cats! Cat food brand Friskies had fun transforming our charming felines into "snug-porters" within a few days

Mini camera hung on the neck, the tomcats have wandere

Test Furlator's Furflex Deshedding for your cat

This week, Conso Animo, the first pet products review and testing site, offers you to test free the FURflex deShedding tool for your cat!

Make brushing your cat a real moment of well-being! The FURminator FURflex deShedding tool easily and painlessly removes the dead hair of your cat with its curved stainless steel edges that perfectly match the morphology of your feline friend

Test the Vegecompost litter & Bicarbonate Tranquille with your cat!

This week, Conso Animo, the first site of reviews and tests of products for pets, offers you to test the free Vegecompost © litter & Bicarbonate Quiet with your cat!

Ecological and effective, the Vegecompost © cat litter & Quiet Bicarbonate is a plant litter that is easy to clean and absorbs odors with baking.

Vegetable fibers agglomerate during contact with moisture, for easy removal of soil. Aggl

Discover Yarrah, organic food for dogs and cats

You want the best diet for your cat or dog? Yarrah offers a certified organic natural diet with a mild transition kit to switch from traditional to organic food

Dull hair, itchy skin or sensitive intestines are the symptoms of food intolerance in dogs or cats. Organic foods and no artificial additives are generally well accepted by animals. The Yarrah brand recently introduced the box Go to the Bio , a kind of soft tran

Cat cestodes

The cestodes are flatworms parasites of the digestive tract. Cat contaminates by eating rodents or swallowing fleas. He eliminates rings in his stools two to three weeks later. These rings look like small white worms half a centimeter long and mobile. They can also be found on cat's hair.

When dry, they look like tiny grains of rice and are present on the cat's coat. Generally, the c

Disorders of Cat's Eyes

Cat eyes are fascinating. Of all colors but a universal almond shape that gives them all their charm, they must be monitored to keep all their brilliance and beauty. Focus on the most common eye diseases in cats and the remedies to apply


They can be involved in various diseases including:


It is manifested by partially inverted eyelids and can irritate and damage the cornea. The Bengal cat

Cat repellent

The cha ts neighbor come regularly urinate on the terrace? Your own cat likes to indulge on your green plants? It's time to react... For this you can turn to natural repellents or trade.

There are some products cat repellents to try to keep away too enterprising felines!

Indeed, if you want to protect a place targeted by your cat, you can try to use specific commercial repellents or natural repellents homemade!

First, always k

Boutique AllCreatureAnimalClinic offer: -10% on the Héry range

Because a carefully maintained animal is a healthy animal , AllCreatureAnimalClinic markets the products of the brand Hery, for the maintenance of your dog and your cat

Héry , what is it? It is a laboratory developing hygiene and maintenance products specially dedicated to dogs and cats of all kinds. Shampoos , anti-flea repellent, anti-tartar care, care eyes... Everything is thought to take care of the animal