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Salon Contest Dogs Cats: Have you won any of the 50 places put on the line for the 2017 edition?

Many of you have entered our contest to win one of the 50 seats for the show Dogs Cats, put on line on AllCreatureAnimalClinic. The time has come to tell you who are the lucky winners!

Before revealing the list of lucky ones, here are the 3 good answers of the quiz:

1. How many cats will there be at Dogs Cats? 500

2. How many editions of the show have already taken place? 5

3. How many exhibitors will be present at the sho

Animal Expo - Animalis Show 2017: a week-end to discover 10,000 animals!

The inevitable Animal Expo - Animalis Show will take place on 7 and 8 October at the Parc Floral de Paris, in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes. . Partner of the event, AllCreatureAnimalClinic tells you more about this rendez-vous not to be missed!

As every year, the Animal Expo - Animalis Show sees things in big size to impress its 40 000 visitors. And for its 26 th edition, the show will bring together more than 10,000 animals: 400 dogs, 800 cats, rodents, reptil

Competition: win your place for the 2017 edition of Dogs Cats!

The 1st and and 2nd April will be held on the 6th e Dogs Cats Show Espace Champeret (Paris 17 e ). AllCreatureAnimalClinic is a partner of the event. Try your chance to win places!

Notice to pet lovers: Many cats and dogs are preparing to invade Espace Champeret. The Cat Dog Show will take place during the first weekend of April. You will be able to discover many different breeds of domestic feli

Tidy Cats, the ultra-absorbent cat litter that masks odors

Tidy Cats is a cat litter of brand Purina combining two advantages of size: its clay granules are ultra absorbent , and its blue crystals, composed of silica gel, capture odors .

Maximum absorption, minimum maintenance

clay pellets Tidy Cats Crystals Blend agglomerate in contact with liquid and moisture and form small, hard and compact blocks that contain ur

Test Catit!

This week, Conso Animo, the first site for pet products reviews and tests, offers you to test Catit's Magic Blue odor absorber for free

Cats may have a haughty port, they do their needs like everyone else! And to be honest, it does not always smell pink. Traditional deodorants can not do much against these odors. That's why Catit has developed a non-toxic Magic Blue filter for cat litter boxes. It absorbs and holds up to 80% of the harmful odors contained in t

Test Dermoscent® Essential Mousse® Cat Cleanser Without Care!

This week, Conso Animo, the first site of reviews and tests of products for pets, offers you to test the cleansing care for free Dermoscent® Essential Foam for your cat

No longer worry about cleaning your cat, and forget about the water, thanks to Dermoscent's Essential Mousse® rinse-off cleanser! ®! This care formulated with 100% natural ingredients will prove to be an optimal efficiency to clean and sublimate the

Cat purr

sometimes difficult to understand what the purring of your cat. However, they do not always have the same meaning and can evoke a great pleasure, as well as pain or stress. It is therefore necessary to decipher them correctly.

No sooner is it installed on your knees than your cat purrs? He expresses his well-being !

But beware, a suffering cat can also purr in order to reassure himself.

How to recognize a purr?

From its second day of life

RollZup: pet-shaped earphone reels!

It's soon Christmas and you can count on us to give you gift ideas Even at the last minute

You have a small budget but want to make an original gift? Let yourself be tempted by the R ollZup , the cable reels for music players .

In animal forms, the small RollZup allow you to wind the wires connecting your headphones to the

Stroking, sources of stress in the cat?

Do you like your cat? So stop petting him! This is essentially what a team of British, Brazilian and Austrian researchers, who recently conducted a study on the stress of our fellow felines

too much caressing, much stress

When handled by humans, cats do indeed release anxiety-related hormones , they discovered.

All cat owners know that a cat I do not like to be spoiled all day long. Some categorically refuse caresses, and others tol

Tremble, jedi cats are among us! (Video of the day)

You thought you knew everything about the secret life of your cats? You've got it wrong!

After revealing the existence of ninja cats, our friend Faireset reveals that of jedi cats, even more terrifying, even more trained, even more... hilarious!

Armed with their lightsabers , gifted with the power to control spirits, these champions of pirouettes (and falls!), are not an urban legend .

Do not you believe it? Doubt will no longer be allo

Chamallow, the buzzing cat escaping from its cage (Video)

Chamallow, a beautiful snow-white cat, has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. In just a few days, the video of his exploits has been viewed almost 900,000 times , and you will quickly understand the reasons for his success!

A demonstration of feline skill

Chamallow has been the mascot of a Marseille veterinary clinic for 4 years already, and his ability continues to impress the employees of the establishment. A true king of

PetMatch, an application to find the look-alike of your missing pet

Losing your pet is extremely difficult, and it doesn There is no miracle solution to mourning. Everyone manages it in their own way, sometimes by choosing to adopt another companion to relieve their pain

Find in an instant the animal of their dreams

While some decide to clone their dog to have his look-alike when he will not be there, a new application allows today the owners of animals facing the death of their dog or their cat to find an animal which resem

Ralphee the handicapped kitten and Max his best friend the dog

What a pretty story than that of Ralphee and Max. The first is an adorable kitten, unfortunately suffering from feline cerebellar hypoplasia, a disease that affects the cerebellum and disrupts the development of motor skills and coordination. The ball of hair has a very special approach and is sometimes agitated with uncontrolled movements

A friend and a protector

But far from being frightened by the strange behavior of his little companion, the dog Max, a

RIP Frank and Louie: the famous two-headed cat died at the exceptional age of 15

This is sad news for his masters, from Grafton, Massachusetts: Frank and Louie, the famous two-headed cat , is died last week. This cat was indeed born with two faces. He had two mouths, two noses, three eyes, but on the other hand he had only a single brain

Unexpected longevity

On December 4, Frank and Louie, nicknamed Janus in reference to the two-faced Roman deity, is dead. He had reached the age of 15, exceptional for an animal like hi

A kitten tortured for a dispute between neighbors? His family calls for justice

Amandine denounces the intolerable act of cruelty suffered by Canaille

[Warning, some images may shock] Friday October 13, Canaille , an adorable 6-month-old kitten has been subjected to unspeakable violence. His mistress, Amandine, accuses her neighbor of having deliberately tortured her following a dispute and today she asks that justice be done. While the poor tomcat is currently treated but she still does not know if he is really out of the woods, she poste