Cats wearing hats of hair? Yes, it exists!

Your cats lose so much hair that you do not know what to do with it anymore? It may well be that a Japanese photographer has found THE perfect solution to your problem...

Happy owner of three Scottish Fold, Ryo Yamazaki has - at the time when we prove that everything or almost everything can be recycled - had a flash genius: rather than pestering after the tufts of hair cleverly abandoned by his felines in this period of meteorological transition, he picks them up to make art. Yes really. Thanks to his idea, his tomcats are today the most adorable of the "cha (t) pérés" of the animal kingdom... and Instagram also where more than 41 000 people follow their daily adventures!

1. The cha (t) at the school of (almost) wizards

2. Pretty nice hat made with the hairs of friends, no?

3. It has the false airs of Magic Hat this hat!

4. Hats with tricolor hairs

5. The Parisian beret revisited

6. Any cat wearing this conical hat will be eligible for the title "Albus Dumbledore's Lookalike"

7. The power of the chapped

8. Why 3 hats? Well... to have three times warmer!

9. The cupcake hat? This is THE fall / winter trend according to him!

10. The wizard's hat... for each miniature t-shirt

11. Here is a viking hair hat

12. The gray hair beret? A basic of the current fashion!

13. "Well, it's my turn to have the white hat now!"

14. To look like Trump? Know that everything is in the redhead...

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