Cats to help the elderly to move?

While a man is aboard his vehicle equipped with a camera on board, it will happen by chance to record very surprising images...

In Japan, an elderly lady crosses with difficulty the street on the zebra crossing, when a cat decides to come to her aid.

The animal l accompanies patiently during his journey and stops even halfway. The little cat wants to check that the way is free and take a look at his protégé.

And the hairball to resume his journey quietly once he has completed his mission.

L history does not say if this cat belongs to the Japanese or if it is a cat-wanderer, but one thing is sure his help is touching.

And if, some cats could come in helping the most vulnerable people? Their skills in the assistantship sector are already well developed. Cats help to relax, improve mood but also to calm down. Thus, their skills are used in many areas such as for therapeutic support.