Cats stars of the web: who wins the 2013 fin?

The year is coming to an end. In a few days, we will be in 2014. It is then time to award the prize of the star cat of the year 2013 !

To your votes! Because it's up to you to take the difficult task of electing the cat of 2013. Which cat has moved you the most, the most amused, the most impressed?

They are called Lil Bub Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Sam or Snoopy babe ... They are cats of course. But not cats like the others. No, they are THE uncontested feline stars of the web, who have been talked about throughout the year 2013, and have thousands, even millions of fans around the world.

But who deserves according to you to get on the top of the podium?

Grumpy Cat, the grumpy cat

If we were to name but one, it would be without hesitation any Grumpy Cat that we would choose to write. This little cat, Tardar Sauce of his real name, is a real phenomenon. Impossible to have escaped his furious head!

It was enough for him to show his eternally grumpy boil on the web to obtain a film, a book, a brand of coffee, a mobile application, and goodies in his dozens or even hundreds!

> When Grumpy Cat gives an interview... laughter is guaranteed!

Lil Bub, a cat like no other

This little cat not like the others others were already talking about her last year. But in 2013, its popularity has soared, climbed, and climbed!

The hairball recognizable by all thanks to its tongue that it can not return, its big green eyes and small paws malformées can boast about 600 000 fans on Facebook.

Better yet, she is the star of a movie about the most famous tomcat of the web, Lil Bub & friendz , has a clothing line to his name, his own TV show

> Lil Bub, the cutest cat on the web?

Snoopy Babe, the cutest cat in the world?

Snoopy Babe, it's a little Boo of cats, Boo being considered, in case you do not know, as the cutest dog on the web.
Come from China, this Exotoc Shorthair has to admit, a absolutely irresistible boils.

How not to crack in front of his big round head, his little flat nose, and his big eyes that always give him the same innocent, angelic air , and sometimes a little sad?

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Princess monster truck, monster or princess?

A funny name, for a funny cat... This tomcat, a young female type Persian, suffers from a teething problem which confers on her a very special boil ... Abandoned by her first humans, she was collected by real guardian angels, which she has illuminated since the day.

Followed by more than 50,000 people on Instagram , she is treated like a true princess

> Princess Monster Truck in pictures

Sam, the cat with eyebrows

Last January a tomcat new yorkais appeared on Twitter. "Sam is new on Twitter. But who cares, he has eyebrows! "tweeted then his happy and very proud human.

This peculiarity gives to Sam an air constantly worried, and it was necessary no more so that thousands of Internet users crack for its funny face!

> Get acquainted with Sam in pictures

Colonel Meow, the cat with the longest coat in the world

Already famous in 2012, Colonel Meow has reached the consecration this year by entering the Book of Records in September, the hairs of this beautiful tomcat, a two-year-old Persian, is 23 centimeters long, impressive no?

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Shorty and Kodi, stars of Youtube

Cat video enthusiasts know Shorty and Kodi. The human of these two adorable tomcats never tires of posting videos of their crazy adventures on the youtube channel that he created just for them.

Shorty and Cody were many times the stars of AllCreatureAnimalClinic's day videos this year. The latest? The two kitties make you discover the signs proving that your cat loves you (see the video)

Here, Shorty and Cody show us how to train his human when we are a cat!