Cats make their show in Los Angeles

Because cats never stop conquering the world, seducing not only the hardened singles but also the sores, hipsters and other young dynamic executives ultra-connected from around the world, they deserved an exhibition in the 101 Exhibit Gallery in Los Angeles

So now it's done. The Cat Art Show brings together dozens of works by some 60 artists , some of whom have already made a name for themselves in the field of Street Art, such as Stephan Fairey, whose drawing was chosen to illustrate one of the posters of the exhibition

Cute, mischievous, scary cats, hum aniseed or superhero : there is something for everyone. And as you will probably be able to visit Los Angeles by February 2 to discover The Cat Art Show, here's a small selection of the most important works of the exhibition.

What do you think? you? Would you have one of these paintings in the middle of your living room?

Stephan Fairey

Jenny Park Brothers