Cats killed and dismembered in Marseille: the situation worsens...

This is a story that is cold in the back!

In Marseille, for four months already, crushed or shot dead, black cats are found dismembered... The southern city would count several enemies of felines...

In 2014 already, the video of a kitten launched against a Wall, the little Oscar, had made the canvas tremble. If the man had been arrested and severely punished , a new Marseille from the 9th arrondissement would be determined to torture our furry friends.

But beware, this only applies to black-coated cats... Coincidence? Indeed, dark-colored felines have a bad reputation. According to some beliefs, they would bring bad luck and would be signs of bad omens. Sorcery? The neighborhood raises the question.

In a residence in the sunny town, Les Allées du Pins, five velvet-footed animals were found dead in the last three months. It is for the moment cut in pieces and tortured that one found the sad bodies. In addition, two other felines have disappeared and can not be found at the moment.

The killing of cats has been going on for 4 months!

But last Thursday, the crazy killer hit again. A resident would have "put bowls of water around 9 o'clock in the morning, and 9:30, when a friend wanted to recover, she found a black cat's tail dipped in the water...", she tells Provence

More than terrifying, this is also very worrying for cat owners whose color is obviously not to the taste of the killer.

The police is currently in charge of the investigation.