Cats in ministries to hunt mice and rats

While rodents invading the Parisian ministries, a solution seems to have been found at the Quai d'Orsay: it is embodied in Nomi and Noah, two cats responsible for hunting.

If there was a ministry of the rat hunting , no doubt that Nomi and Noah would be in charge. These two felines were recently adopted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make life difficult for the "undesirables" who populate the building of the nineteenth century.

Both were baptized Nomi and Noah in tribute to Jean-Yves le Drian , Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, who is from Brittany. " Nominoe" being the first Breton king

And if the presence of cats spread in all the departments?

If a solution seems to have been found at the Quai d'Orsay, it is not the case of all the ministries: place Beauvau and rue de Grenelle, the ministers and secretaries of state must do with the means of the edge and use traps with rats. But the cats would not they be more

A London , it has long been understood the usefulness of felines: Larry has been the official mouse hunter since 2011 at 10 and 11 Downing Street, the residences of the Prime Minister and Minister of the Budget, just like Palmerston, to the British Foreign Ministry

If cats were more present in the French institutions (and more largely in the companies), they could at the same time hunt the rodents, but also make profit humans the benefits of "ronronthérapi e ». This dual function could also serve as an example for the insertion of the animal at work...

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