Cats make their circus again in Moscow

Founded on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Moscow Cat Theater - jointly run by its founder, a circus clown named Yuri Kuklachev, and his sons Dimitri and Vladimir - have recently reopened after extensive renovations.

Entertaining all price

Even before the start of the show, visitors are immersed in a unique feline atmosphere in a "realm" of cats watching the arrival of spectators behind a window while others are already ready to jump on the stage.

When a bell rings to announce the beginning of the show, the curtain rises, and the public begins to applaud vividly. On stage, a cat is balanced on its two hind legs, on a ball
Then the numbers are linked, cat that hits a drum to the one juggle with balls . All this to the delight of children who, innocent, do not know that under the lights of the show, hides a reality often much darker : that training felines.

« With cats, each show is an improvisation , says Vladmir Kuklachev. " Cats often behave instinctively and you always have to be behind them because they do what they want. "

Because " cats do what they want The theater has 100 felines in total, of which 20 are chosen to participate in the show of the day, according to the moods and abilities of each.

A contested practice...

Before reopening the theater, animal rights groups campaigned to ban these cat shows , claiming that animals were abused during training sessions. But Vladimir Kuklachev denied the accusations, claiming that recent inspections had revealed nothing in this sense.

... but still successful

Theater shows such as "The Cat Thief", "The Puss in Boots "," The Nutcracker and the King of the Rats ", and even" Swan Lake "continue to be played throughout the year, with teams of feline artists alternately led by Kuklachev and his two sons

The theater has had a great success and has even toured France, Canada, Japan, the United States and China.
In Moscow, this unusual theater of animals is not unique: the Durov Theater founded in 1912 also has original stars, including a raccoon, crows and mice running on a miniature railway...