Cats cough: what if my cat cough

Rather rare, Cat cough must be taken seriously. If a cat cough several days in a row and its condition does not improve, the cough may be the symptom of a respiratory disease that will not be delayed in healing.

Pharyngitis and laryngitis in cats

Pharyngitis or laryngitis can cause coughing and dry coughing in cats. Your cat has probably caught cold. In case of laryngitis , it often emits a mute mute because the vocal cords are inflamed, it coughs and tries to evade the discomfort if it is palpated under the throat.

Inflammation of the trachea at the cat

An inflammation of the trachea can be responsible for a cough in the cat . At first dry, it can become oily if the bronchi are infected.

Bronchitis and bronchiolitis in cats

A bronchitis or bronchiolitis in cats are characterized a dry cough which can be accompanied by respiratory difficulties

Feline asthma

In cats, asthma is characterized by seizures

Pulmonary edema in cats possibly due to

food poisoning, infection or respiratory or cardiac failure. This results in

a more or less oily cough . To determine what your feline is suffering from, a visit to the vet is essential. If necessary, he can carry out a sample of mucus

and carry out a bacteriological examination. The cough can also be the indicator of a viral infection (coryza) and parasitic infection ( mycosis), but also heart failure in the older cat. Cough may also be allergic, especially if it is

accompanied by sneezing