Cats, the best alarm clocks in the world (Video of the day)

You struggle to open your eyes every morning, the alarm of your alarm is not enough to make you leave your bed, any more than the anxiety to be in delay at work or the smell of coffee? Adopt a cat!

Nothing beats a hairy awakening!

In addition to being cute as well as funny, these wonderful hairballs are best awakenings that exist !

Softly, with its pretty little paws, your hairy awakening will never fail to remind you that the time has come to feed him. He will come to rub you against you, and will even make your toilet if the mood tells him.
And if need be, Minou mew in your ear all his love for you, so that your alarm clock is the most pleasant possible !
Not yet convinced? This little compliation, concocted by the Huffington Post , should finish convincing you of the effectiveness of feline awakenings:

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