Cats, as clever as dogs?

This is what a team of Japanese researchers asserts in its latest study: domestic felids are as smart as pet canines.

Which dog or cat is the smartest animal? The answer often depends on whether we are a person with dogs... or cats! But it is possible that, thanks to science, the hatchet will finally bury itself. A study conducted by Japanese scientists recently published in Behavioral Processes reveals that smarts are

as smart as each other. In this conclusion, the specialists analyzed the intellectual capacities of 49 salon tigers. The whole thing was to determine whether they were able or not - as are the dogs - to keep memories of past experiences , such as those concerning the various ingested meals.

The Episodic Memory of the Cat

And against all odds, cats have proved that, like dogs, they were able to remember specific moments spent... and the context in which they had occurred! A form of episodic memory identical to those of their canine pendants, explained the scientists.

"The episodic memory is considered as being related to the introspective function of the brain. Our study therefore tends to indicate a consciousness in cats, "said Saho Takagi, a psychologist at Kyoto University, at BBC .

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