Cats and dogs winners of the largest grooming competition

Last weekend, a colorful and controversial competition took place in the New Jersey in the USA: the largest dog and cat grooming competition in the world bringing together some 2,000 professionals from 23 different countries
Cats and dogs have become real living paintings in front of the very attentive look of the jurors. And they are a Siamese cat covered with flowers and hearts in shimmering colors and a Poodle looking straight from the Wild West who have won the competition this year.

"There is no hair that is not in its place "

Transforming cats and dogs into lions, punks, cartoon characters, and other colorful and improbable works takes hours to groomers of the extreme.
Present in the competition, photographer Paul Nathan entrusted to the to have been truly impressed.
" There are so many details and work , there is no hair that is not not in its place , "he says. " I think people who do that are a little eccentric, but in the best possible way ". And to emphasize that all the dyes used by the groomers are non-toxic and the animals visibly very well treated.