Cats and dogs insurance: only 4% of insured French animals. And yours?

If to insure his house, his car or his family is an automatism, to make it of even for his pet remains very rare in France . While in Sweden 80% of owners of cats, dogs and NACs have subscribed a mutual for their 4-legged companion, they are only 4% to do today in the hexagon.

A growing interest

This is revealed by an insurance comparator site (, which has conducted an interesting study on animal insurance in France (see infographic below).

This figure remains very low, but it seems that the interest of French animal owners in mutual insurance for animals is actually growing. This goes hand in hand with the proliferation of offers, but also the increase in veterinary fees noted over the past 10 years. Prices would have increased by some 70% !

insurance for animals, how much does it cost?

Based on more than 50,000 pet insurance quote requests, the study makes it possible to accurately determine the average cost of such a health insurance.

- For a formula offering a reimbursement of veterinary fees of 50 to 80%, it is necessary to count between 12 to 16 € per month .
- A median formula proposing a reimbursement of 70 to 85% of veterinary costs costs between 22 to 28 € per month
- Finally, complete formulas offering a full refund, must be paid between 38 to 50 € per month

Note that insurance for dogs is more expensive than insurance for cats, although they usually live longer.

What are the most assured breeds?

In front of animal insurance, all dogs and cats are not equal Some breeds are indeed more assured than the others .

On the cat's podium, the French Bulldog is on the first step, Labrador on the second, and the Yorkshire Terrier on the third.

On the cats side, gutterheads (the most numerous in France) are the most assured . Then come Maine Coon and Persians.

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