Cats and books: a small bookstore becomes a shelter for stray cats

The Sam Kee Book Company, located in North Point, Hong Kong, is not a bookstore like the others. Of course, there are books. But if the customers are so loyal to this establishment, it's for a very different reason. Many visitors come to the Sam Kee Book Company to see its lovable boarders: stray cats collected over the years by the bookstore owners.

A Little Paradise

Shelves have become the perches and hiding places of the tomcats, whose portraits are displayed on the walls.

Every day the felines are fed, cuddled and cuddled . In the middle of piles of books, baskets, cushions, cat-trees, bowls and toys flourish. No doubt, the Sam Kee Book Company is a true paradise for cat lovers and cat lovers!

Some customers come almost every day to read while listening to soothing purring tomatoes . The least savage cats do not hesitate to settle on their knees and it is thus that weeks after weeks, beautiful friendships between men and cats are born in the Sam Kee Book Company.