Catroulette: A website to find your future cat!

You have certainly heard of Chatroulette , a video dating site who created the buzz a few months ago. Here is now Catroulette ! Inspired by this concept, this site has just been launched in Belgium at the initiative of several animal shelters. Its goal? Present video tomcats to future masters !

The principle is very simple: a video chosen at random appears. If the cat presented is not suitable for the surfer looking for a 4-legged companion , just click on "Next" to discover another cat. In case of love at first sight , the future master simply has to click on "Adopt". He will then see details about the animal, and the coordinates of the shelter where he was collected.

Adopt a cat in a few clicks

This surprising idea was born from an alliance of 4 Belgian animal refuges: Kitten in nood , located in the city of Brakel, Blauwe Kruis , a center of Wommelgem, Blauwe Kruis , in Bruges, and Dierenasiel in Sint-Truiden. They were able to count on the support of the association GAIA , a Belgian organization that advocates for animal rights. She is well known for her many actions against animal abuse .

The shelters are full of cats that are only waiting to be adopted and loved , only a second luck is given to them. But adoptions are not numerous enough, and every year thousands of animals are euthanized. In 2011, 12,000 cats were killed in Belgium for lack of space in the shelters and families ready to welcome them.

A creative and up-to-date concept

Summer has been marked, in Belgium as in France, by an increase in the number of animal abandonments. Combining originality and modernity, Catroulette should reach a very wide audience. It " draws attention to shelters in a creative way, during a period when many cats are waiting for a new master, and we can only encourage this initiative " enthuses GAIA President Michel Vandenbosch .

While Belgium launched on 1st September the first phase of its " Plan Cats ", which aims to sterilize all cats leaving shelters Will Catroulette meet the expected success? If the concept works as the Belgian refuges hope, it could, who knows, be exported abroad and especially in France.