Cat videos now have their own festival!

The success of cat videos on the web is well known to all. No surfer can escape these cats, true kings of the web . Funny, touching, crunchy and sometimes even a little bad hair, felines never stop to inspire their masters and to make the whole world laugh.

Some cats start from elsewhere become real celebrities. These are not mere anonymous felines , they have names and we recognize them at each of their appearances: Grumpy Cat, Maru or Tara, they are even invited in TV shows and have the right to their own interviews

The consecration of cats on the internet

So naturally came the idea to create a Festival of Cats Videos . It has been in existence since 2012, and takes place in a different city each time, whether in the United States or Canada.

This year, the festival was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in St Louis . "We are impressed by the interest it has attracted , the number of people it has attracted, the diversity of the audience ," says Lisa Melandri, museum employee . Because for all those who went to the festival in question, there is no doubt that it will earn fame from year to year.

Join the useful to the pleasant

Chris Ward has been named the winner of the Cats Video Festival, thanks to his video featuring his tomcat, Cricket, claiming treats. " They are funny, they are cute (...) That's why there is a cat culture on the internet," says the American.

One thing is sure, the videos of these adorable tomcats meet every day a little more success. And by choosing to give a part of the profits to associations , the Cats Video Festival is about to be appreciated by the general public

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