A cat travels miles to attend the funeral of a cat lover

Did this cat want to pay a last tribute to a a man who all his life loved and helped felines ? One thing is certain, he has traveled several kilometers to find himself at the burial of this man, reports 'Irish Mirror .

The owner of the funeral home who organized the Funeral has released a Facebook post a few days ago to find the owners of this amazing cat.

"Never before have I seen such a thing"

As Kieran Flynn told him on the air Radio Kerry , the matou remained during the ceremony last Wednesday. To see this cat attending the funeral would probably not have been so emotional if the deceased had not been known to be a feline enthusiast.

"This guy came to the funeral home Flynn in Castlemaine. came in and sat down for the duration of the funeral. I had never seen anything like that , he wrote on Facebook . "I know that the deceased was a friend of the cats and maybe the cat wanted to pay him his last respects but I hope someone will recognize him because he is very docile, friendly and obviously very well looked after."

The next day, the family of the beautiful tabby cat answered Kieran Flynn and came to pick him up. The animal allegedly traveled under the hood of a car to go to Castlemaine, a small Irish town located about twenty kilometers from his home.